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about glad's house

Imagine if as a child you had never felt safe, protected or loved. Living on the streets, every day was a struggle for survival. Imagine if those in a position of trust, who should be taking care of you, were actually those who abused you. It is almost impossible
to imagine. But this is the reality of life for the children and young people in Kenya that Glad’s House supports.

Since 2006, Glad’s House has been working with street children who are deemed ‘too challenging’ by the rest of society; children and young people who everyone else has given up on. Without Glad’s House, they would have little option but to remain on the streets, on dumpsites or in prisons with all the dangers those environments bring. We ensure that children and young people grow up loved and in safety, have the chance for an education, and are supported to reach their full potential. If you believe that every child and young person deserves a decent chance in life then you believe in everything we stand for at Glad’s House.

Children and young people need trustworthy adults; adults to help them survive, to protect them, and to bring some fun to their lives and so that they can look forward with hope to their future lives.

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