We aim to change the experiences that children and young people endure within the Criminal Justice System; we are lobbying local and national government to prevent children being persecuted and arrested for the ‘crime’ of being homeless, ensuring they have legal representation after arrest, and stop incarceration without sentence.Care Packs

We Deliver Care Packs of toothpaste, toothbrushes to children and young people across 4 Prisons and Juvenile Justice Institutions to ensure the children and young people have their basic needs meet.

We also deliver football coaching in the Juvenile Justice Institutions to ensure a child’s Right to Play is realised. Our Social workers support children returning home and offer counseling to children and young people imprisoned.

DSC00896We work with the Municipal Council and Police Force to deliver training on Child Rights and challenging the current view of Street Children. We empower our young people to speak to Police and to begin breaking down barriers between street children and Authorities. Young people are also able to challenge Authorities on the current criminalisation of street children in Kenya and Mombasa