Glad’s House Newsletter March 2016

Glad's house newsletter 2016March 2016

On Sunday we see six Glad’s House Caddies heading to Nairobi for the 2016 Barclays Kenya Open to work along side Professional Golfers playing in the European Tour event for the fourth time.  With the support of the European Tour, European Tour Players Foundation and the European Tour Caddies Association our Caddie Programme has supported young people off the streets and into work as Golf Caddies at the exclusive Vipingo Ridge Golf Club since 2009.
Glad’s House Caddies posing with some of the players they have carried for at the 2015 Barclays Kenya Open

Julius on the Vipingo Ridge range practicing

Julius Simiyu is one of our Caddies heading to The Kenya Open.  I have known Julius for over ten years now.  Julius was one of the first young people I ever met living on the streets of Mombasa when I arrived as a Volunteer in 2005. When we met he had lived on the streets of Kenya for around 12 years and at that time he was living in a tree to protect himself from Police Round Ups.  He regularly attended our Drop In Programme, Papasa, and often shared his stories of street life with us.  He was hungry for opportunities to change but there were none for him due to his age. He had no contact with this family, had never been to school, was dependent on drugs and had no hope for the future; he had resigned himself to a life of homelessness.

In 2009, we offered Julius the opportunity to become one of the Glad’s House original Caddies; he jumped at the chance! Fast-forward 5 and a half years and this year he will be caddying in the Kenya Open for the fourth time.  I am so incredibly proud of what Julius has achieved in his life. Every time I see him I am truly in awe of the man he has become.  He has taken every opportunity he has been given and has transformed his life completely. He is now living independently, working full time, can read and write and is back in touch with his family.  “I now send something small to my Mother every month,” he told me, “She can now be proud that she has a son living and working in Mombasa.”
Julius caddying for Phil Archer at the 2015 Barclays Kenya Open
We asked Julius how golf had changed his life; he reflected, “My heart is settled and I don’t even think of moving somewhere else. They say that in Town someone is free and can do what he or she wishes. That is not freedom. It’s just like a Housefly’s freedom; it can just be blown away any time. The real freedom is what we have here, at Vipingo. You can sit, think, reflect then decide for yourself the life you want to live. No one told me to quit sniffing glue, I just felt that it was not good for me and I have since left it. This is the real freedom.”

Julius is a true success story of the work Glad’s House does. There are many more young men and women in the Glad’s House Caddies Programme whose journeys are equally as inspiring and make us all equally as proud. For more details on Glad’s House Caddies Programme you can watch our short film here:

I hope you will join the Glad’s House Team and myself in wishing the 6 young people travelling to The Kenyan Open much success; in our eyes they are all winners and lets hope they carry for a winner too!

On behalf of all of us at Glad’s House both in Kenya and the UK, I would like to say a special thanks to the Board of Directors of Vipingo Ridge for sponsoring our Caddies to enable them to attend the 2016 Barclays Kenya Open.

We hope you will follow the progress of our Glad’s House Caddies and the Golfers they are supporting this week across our social media channels

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EY supporting Team Kenya in Street Child World Cup

EY_Logo5Professional Service Firm, EY are supporting Glad’s House (Team Kenya) to fund their trip to Rio Brazil for 2014 the Street Child World Cup.

Download Press Release

Wine Importer supporting Glad’s House

KnottedVineOur great friend David Knott CEO of the Knotted Vine is supporting Glad’s House.  –  “The Knotted Vine is delighted to be in association with Glads House. The Knotted Vine is a young and dynamic London based wine importers dedicated to working exclusively with hands on, quality driven winemakers from across the globe. The Knotted Vine is concerned about one main aspect of wine…great taste! By supporting deeply passionate producers and selecting wines based purely on their excellent quality, The Knotted Vine delivers wine that will bring enjoyment with every drop”. Happy sipping!


Twilight Saga and Downton Abbey Star joins Glad’s House as an Ambassador

Myanna BuringWe’re delighted to welcome the fabulously talented Myanna Buring as a Glad’s House ambassador.

Since graduating from L.A.M.D.A in 2004, MyAnna has worked on a wide range of theatre, film, and television productions.  She played Tanya Denali in the final instalments of the Twilight Saga, and the same year was nominated for Best Actress at the British Independent Film Awards for her performance in Ben Wheatley’s Kill List. Recently she joined the Downton Abbey cast for the series Christmas special, and she is currently filming the second season of the BBC’s BAFTA nominated show Ripper Street.

“Work has taken me all around the world and, wherever you travel there are heart-breaking stories of poverty, and abuse. The work that charities do on ground level is so important for struggling individuals, and communities everywhere. However, I have seen first hand how corruption, lack of organization, and communication can disintegrate what originally were good and noble intentions, abandoning those who needed those intentions put into action the most. Despite finding causes and communities I wanted to support in some way, it was difficult to sponsor many of the charities I came across as you just couldn’t rely on the donations reaching those they were intended for. Getting to know about Glad’s House over the years has therefore been so inspiring  – the commitment to this project is undeniable. The Fergusons have gathered a core team of individuals who allow the charity to do what it says on the tin. Their operation is transparent allowing sponsors to see exactly where their donations go, and they are always active in finding new ways to help their children – while providing daily a clear basic structure of support, Glad’s House adapts to situations and opportunities as and when they arise. This template has so far helped to empower so many children to realize a brighter future for themselves, one in which they too may grow to take responsibility for those less fortunate in communities around them.

It is an honour to accept the position of Ambassador for Glad’s House. I truly believe all children have the right to grow up loved and protected, free from abuse and neglect and we all have an obligation to make sure this is so.

Glads House Chairman Cliff at The BBC!

BBC Radio Surrey invited Glad’s House Chairman Cliff Ferguson in a for chat with Joe Talbot on “Charity Begins”. What transpired was a fascinating and inspiring insight into what’s going on at Glad’s House and what Cliff and Victoria’s aspirations are for the future in Kenya. Listen to the interview on this page now! We also just wanted to say thank you to Joe and the BBC Radio Surrey team for giving Cliff the opportunity to come in. He likes to talk about all things Glad’s House and the interview is not a 5 minute Q&A session!

The interview is reproduced in it’s entirety below;

Team Glad’s House welcomes Southampton and Kenya star Victor Wanyama on board!

We’re delighted to announce Southampton and Kenya star Victor Wanyama as a Glad’s House supporter.  Wanyama

His football talent got him through some difficult times in Africa and he’s now playing at the highest level of club football, for Southampton, previously with Celtic in the Scottish premier League, and the UEFA Champions League as well on the international stage for his country. He is the first Kenyan player ever to score a goal in the Champions League with a brilliant headed goal against Helsingborgs. Only two other Kenyans have featured in the competition previously – Victor’s brother Macdonald Mariga for Inter Milan and Kenyan Captain Dennis Oliech for French club Auxerre.

One of the most talented midfielders in European football, Wanyama was only 15 when he made his debut playing for Kenya’s senior national team in a friendly match against Nigeria in 2007. And now he has thrown his weight behind our Street Child World Cup Campaign.

Here at Glad’s House we’re delighted to have Victor as part of the team. He knows only too well how tough life can be as a youngster in Kenya.

I grew up in a violent area. I witnessed as a kid a lot of crime which i could easily get into but playing football in the streets with my friends helped me to overcome the bad temptations.I believe the Street Child World Cup can change a lot of teenagers lives around the world. I wish Glad’s House all the best in the competition – they deserve every bit of success in everything they do.“”

Victor Wanyama, February 2013

Victor has a massive following back in Kenya and has become a huge fan’s favourite in Scotland. he has over 70,000 Twitter followers:

Like Victor, at Glad;s House we strongly believe that no child should have to live with fear, danger or poverty. If you think you would like to get involved and help us, please get in touch with Cliff Ferguson on 01256 766263 or by email at


Find out more about our amazing adventure to take Kenyan street children to Brazil for the Street Child World Cup 2014

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Team Glad’s House to represent Kenya at Street Child World Cup in Rio 2014

BRAZIL_Banner_WithTextGlad’s House are delighted to be representing Kenya at the 2014 Street Child World Cup in Rio just before the actual FIFA World Cup.

Across the world millions of children live and work on the streets. Street Child World Cup is a global campaign for street children to receive the protection and opportunities that all children deserve. Through football, art and the only international street child conference our aim is to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children. This is more than a game.

In 2014 the beautiful game returns to its spiritual home: Brazil. Brazil will host teams of street children from up to 20 countries, drawing from a network of outstanding projects all campaigning for the rights of street children. This will ensure that street children’s voices are heard and that they will have the chance to play in the festival of football.

Team Glad’s House will be there in 2014. Find out more about this amazing opportunity at our official SCWC home page.

WANTED – Volunteer University Relationship Co-ordinator

Can you help us to find and build meaningful relationships with Universities and Business Schools to help with Glad’s House growth.  University Coordinator role description/Application

Street Child World Cup

See a great introductory video about the Street Child World Cup in Rio, Brazil, 2014.  Road to – YouTube

Glad’s House on Sky Sports with the European Tour

European Tour Pro Chris Lloyd and Cliff Ferguson

European Tour Pro Chris Lloyd and Cliff Ferguson

Glads House were delighted to welcome the European Tour to Mombasa to see first hand what we are doing with the street children in Magongo. Tour pro Chris Lloyd also took time out to find out about our caddie program. They even had a film crew with them and we have the footage available online in our media section!