Glad’s House Education Programme offers education activities to all children and young people we support.

Glad's House EducationStreet children attending our Drop In Programme, Papasa, are able to access classes that support them to improve their numeracy and literacy or attend lessons in line with Primary Education so that they are able to begin the journey of returning to school from Day 1 of engaging with us

For children and young people in transition with Glad’s House, our Teachers support them to re-engage with formal education or to develop their numeracy and literacy skills. If children have missed significant periods of their education our Teachers are able to work with children intensively to bring them up to a standard. This means that they won’t be too behind and battle with the issues of being the oldest in their class or being behind. These are the issues that often lead to children dropping out of school, so we are doing all we can to remove these issues.

Once Glad’s House places a child or young person into a foster placement or they return home, we Glad's House Educationare committed to supporting them back into education, employment and training. For many re-entering education can be a daunting experience. Our Teachers support these children and young people in their learning before and during restarting school, as well as liaising with Teachers in school and supporting with homework. This means we can ensure this transition period is as smooth as possible and children will be placed in a more appropriate year and so are more likely to stay engaged in education and life away from the streets.

We also offer educational activities to children and young people living on dumpsites and children living in the community. This is a sustainable approach to ensure as many children as possible have extra support in their Primary and Secondary Education and in turn do as well as they can. Glad’s House Education Programme offers tuition in line with primary curriculum every evening, Academic Club, Debate Club, Homework Club and access to Glad’s House Library.IMG_0109

“First of all, I would like to thank you for a provision on a place that is suitable for students to do their revision peacefully. You also provide good reading books that have helped to improve our language and ability to write good composition that has made our teachers proud. The revision here has also improved my academic performance in school.” Boy, Class 8

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