Glads House are helping replace these hand made balls
Glads House kids love Rocket from Soccer AM

Glads House kids love Rocket from Soccer AM

We engage with children and young people from the streets and within the Community, in a number of ways but use sport extensively.

Through various sports programmes we can give children and young people practical and emotional support. Our coaches and social workers identify those in need of this support and develop individual Care Plans. We are also able to include an essential element of education.

Our daily Papasa (Swahili for “hold gently”) sessions provide hundreds of children and young people living on the street with the chance to play football and have a hot meal. During these sessions, attendees also have an opportunity to work with our Core Team to look at moving forward in their lives.

Our ‘prevent programme’ is designed to identify and hopefully avoid children from the Community going to ‘the street’.  We have a number of football teams (the Coastal Kings and Queens) as well as a boxing club (The Havana Boxing Club)  basketball and Tae Kwondo classes.   Through our caddy programme we also have a number of young people learning to play golf and caddy at some of Mombasa’s most exclusive Golf Courses

In order to work successfully with the some of the world’s most excluded young people, we believe that we need to adopt a flexible approach, based on involvement and responsiveness to the needs of individual young people. We also need to engage with those young people who do not attend ‘papasa’ or play sport.  We have now introduced a comprehensive ‘street work’ programme where our team of social workers visit these children and young people on their own territory