Our Story

Glad's House Our StoryGlad’s House began when our Director, Bokey, and Chief Executive, Vicky, would hold a weekly kick about on Thursday mornings with young people living on the streets of Mombasa. Vicky was in Kenya in 2005 – 2006 volunteering with street children and working for the Head of Social Work, Bokey. Bokey taught Vicky all about the issues children and young people faced living on the streets. Vicky and Bokey spent their days with the street children in the City Centre and supporting children back home to their family and back into school. Her favourite day was always the Thursday kick around!

The older children and young people on the streets particularly moved Vicky. They had lost hope, as there was no one to support them. After a moving and challenging 5 months Vicky knew that her work with street children was not coming to an end but only just beginning. Bokey and Vicky decided to work together to support those children that everyone else deemed too challenging! That was in June 2006, all these years later and that vision is a reality. We have created an Organisation that meets the needs of 1000s of children and young people deemed too challenging by any other Organisation to support!