Street work in kenyaStreet Work

We engage children and young people whilst they are living and/or working on the street in Kenya and on dumpsites on a daily basis; we build relationships with them so that they begin to trust our team of Street Workers and Social Workers and have someone they can turn to. Our team is their only trusted adults in an emergency or when they need support.

Street Soccer

street work in kenya

Our Street based sports programmes on the Street and on the Dumpsite give an opportunity to play and feel safe in their own environment. They also access support from trusted adults in the form of our Street Workers, Football Coaches and Social Workers. Children and young people also have to the opportunity to access first aid and a healthy nutritious meal


We offer children respite from the daily challenges of street life at our Drop In Centre; giving access to safe spaces to play sports, take part in creative art sessions, education sessions for those who want to return to school and those who want to learn to read and write. Clean water for washing and drinking, a hot nutritious meal and counselling sessions and 1:1s where children and young people can begin to think, if they choose, about a life away from the streets.

Street work in kenya“I have a talent and the only people that see it in me is Glad’s House. People think that because I live on the street I am an animal, but here we are valued as a human being with love and care. Papasa is my family”.

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