We a have a four-step approach to helping the street children& youths of Mombasa.

Engagement: These outreach programmes are the initial contact point for the children & youths. Our  health, sport (and  ‘prevent’) programmes are all fun and educational activities including our ‘Papasa’ feeding programme. These programmes allow us to build relationships with the children and young people and assess their situation and intial needs.

Intervention: These programmes work with individuals to develop unique care plans to ensure we address the trauma in these children and young people’s lives and prepare them for an alternative to street life. This is where social workers engage in counselling, develop thorough need and risk assessments and ensure all long term options are viable and sustainable

An alternative to street life: Ideally children and young people will be reintegrated back into their families wherever possible and appropriate. Many cases will need ongoing family support and intervention including conflict management and family counselling. In cases where reintegration is not possible then some children and young people will be taken into our community based Child and Youth Care programme, including Foster Care and Supported Living, until such a time that they can return to independent living.

Aftercare: When children are living an alternative to street life, this alternative needs to be monitored, nurtured and often supported. Aftercare is ongoing support with former street children and their families to ensure that the situation that they are living in remains a positive one