Glad’s House Boys Boxing ProgrammeGlad's House Boxing Programme

We give some of the hardest-to-reach young men aged 14 – 26 who have been on the streets for over five years the opportunity to leave the streets; providing a structured boxing programme that improves the health of these young people after years of substance misuse, poor diet and little 
Once again we support them into stable accommodation whether that be Foster Care, returning home to their family or independent living as well as into education, employment and/or training.

“I really enjoy boxing because it has totally changed me”.

When asked about how it has changed him, he shared with a big smile on his face. Showing the scars on his back, Dula was quick to say:Glad's House Boxing Programme

“If I would still be on the streets, may be by now I would have lots of scars from street fighting and stealing. Or maybe I could have been lynched by mob justice or in prison for different reasons. Boxing has not only changed me but also saved my life.”

Foster Care

We secure Foster Care Placements for children and young people when they are unable to return home. A child or young person will live with appropriate foster family in the community who understand a child’s heritage (including tribe and religion) and who often have children of a similar age. The child is able to return to formal school and will receive on going support from Glad’s House.

Independent living, Glad’s House CaddiesCaddyShirt

We support young people who are unable to re-engage in formal education into employment through numerous employment and training schemes. One includes Glad’s House Caddies; training young people to become Golf Caddies at Vipingo Ridge Golf Resort.


We recognise that without high quality support once children leave our Small Group Homes there is a high chance of them returning to the streets; offering ongoing support, tailored to each child’s needs, including mediation between child and parents/foster parents, liaising with schools, budgeting skills for young people living independently, and substance misuse support. When a child returns home, moves into Foster Care or into independent living this is not the end of their journey with Glad’s House.