Why Glad’s House?



One of our co-founders, (Victoria) had a grandmother – Gladys Galloway, born in Sunderland on the 27th November 1903, she left school at 14 years old and went to London to work “in service” as a Nanny.  She married Edward Whittingham on the 24th September 1927, who was a soldier in the British Army.  They had six children; she was widowed on the 21st February 1969.
Not particularly well educated Gladys was exceptionally “worldly wise”, an avid reader, interested in politics and world affairs, she was always interested in ‘life’ and loved to discuss topical matters, where she always held her own.  She passed away on the 17th February 1996, at the age of 92 years young!

Gladys had numerous good qualities, but three traits stood out:

  • Her front door was always open.
  • Whenever and at whatever time, when you arrived at Glad’s she always produced a meal (sometimes seemingly “from no-where) and a bed for the night was always on offer.
  • She always had time for any child and whenever she walked down the street children quickly surrounded her.

These characteristics are indicative of the values of Glad’s House.

  • Our door will always be open to any and all ‘street children’ who come to us.
  • We will always offer food and shelter to the ‘street children’ who visit us.
  • We will make Glad’s House a happy and welcoming place, where children want to be – where they can truly be children

Why “Glad’s” House? …………………. it just had to be.