Glad's House Bike ShopAt Glad’s House we are committed to building a sustainable future as an organisation and for the individuals we support.

Glad’s House Enterprise Schemes provide opportunities to generate income that can then fund parts of our Core Programmes. Our businesses include Glad’s House Cyber Café, Glad’s House Bike Shop, and a Farm. These businesses also offer training opportunities for young people in our Programme who are unable to return to formal education.

Glad’s House Bike Shop is supplied by our UK Partner, Re~Cycle. Re~Cycle put together a containerof 500 unwanted bikes at there base in Essex and then ship theGlad's House Bike Shopm to Mombasa. The profit from Glad’s House Bike Shop currently funds a variety of aspects of our work including Foster Care placements, all first aid for Street Children which is over 1,000 treatment episodes a year, lunch for up to 50 children a day at our Street Soccer Programme, School fees for children from our Education Programme, some staff salaries and for training placements for young people not undergoing training in Glad’s House Enterprises. The Bike Shop employs three young men and also offers training opportunities for young people leaving the streets.

Glad’s House Cyber Cafe was our first Enterprise. As Kenya becomGlad's House Bike Shopes an African leader in the tech boom there is an increasing recognition and demand from the community to have access to technology and to develop their skills. Currently we offer a package of lessons (between 1 – 2 weeks of 2 hours of lessons per day) for the Community including Word, Excel and Powerpoint. These class fees not only generate a profit for the organisation but they also subsidise computer classes for street children and children in our transitional homes to access computer lessons for free. This increases our children and young people’s opportunities in the job market by increasing their skill base and knowledge of computers.Glad's House Bike Shop


Tecklenberg Farm is a 2 acre farm 30km north of Mombasa where we grow food including Maize, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Mangoes and Coconuts. This produce subsidises our food costs for our Transitional Home and Drop In Programmes. Last year we served over 25,000 meals to children in our care, living and/or working on the streets and living and/or working on Dumpsites.

We have also created an innovative programme in association with Glad's House Bike ShopVipingo Ridge Golf Resort, Glad’s House Caddies, where 44 young people have been trained as caddies and now work full-time on the course.  This project was partially funded by the European Tour and fully supported by the European Tour Caddies Association. In 2016, for the forth year in a row, six of the Glad’s House Caddies worked at the Kenya Open caddying for Professional Golfers on the Challenge Tour Caddy Programme press release